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sadly missed
I am here, I  log in each week
you know I was in the lego show today because they wondered where I went,
and that I told them i would be nouning verbs for 6 months, and so I recited my responce to Sarah lacey ann's song, about the antarctic Tasmania cold, while I get back before the cold hits, and its all lego time again, in Australia that is before may sets in . well that is 4 months actually.. and so I recited my responce the song. :Stay Warm , words later, as i was on a roll, and wrote the responce before i thought about it ,
Stay Warm by Sarah Lacey Ann
" I always copy the whole quote, Sarah lacey ann's song, Stay warm about the antarctic Tasmania cold, winds, and I said, it was like a relationship, work place work experience where your boss is trying to chat you up, and they are a real cold fish and you want to throw them back into the ocean back with the bad dispointments of the fish bowl soup.
i thought the lyrics  of  spoken sung words, in  a dream state , they sounded like words of deep thought 

 warm hams, and skin tone lyrics, ha ha,
it is so weird listening without conext, lol, I will write it out properly and i tend to write it as i write my life, with my emotional connectionss in parts still in a different mindset ..
sometimes hearing the wrong words, i fixed it up, but ithought i heard it say,..
fly to candle bold, don;t let my cold horse fly though t your soul heart, please keep my warm hams, keep my warm hams, i always like my eggs to be sunny side up , when i change my skin tone and turn the light on . lol, thinking about the right words now, i realised the idea was easier. if it was like a relationship
Eternially cold , i am scared i will take you with me when i restlessly sleep ,

my arctic wind winter cold and crystal , will spread lies in your hands and bones
i know it will , i need you to stay warm for me, ..
don; let my cold to purple skin spread throught your ....
sunny robe heart will destroy
Warm and happy
please stay warm and happy
i always fall for the sunshine girls
and i return to the light night
sadly missed


adamswondergarden's Profile Picture
2014 adam garden of wonder
i've been on d-art since 2008
since its lego harry potter centric
this was for the first book. philosopers stone
- then chamber secrets,
then prisoner of askaban . now its goblet of fire, with all the other things
= like trees for the maze, I have enough now
then like now, its x-mas,. the last account, i turn it into x-mas lego
and tested the site for a good place ot put my lego harry potter lego sculptures and scene re-creation
but my garden photos seriously need a new separate area after seeing where all my photos were going for the new decade
- it was rather confusing trying to fit garden and
lego together ,
just finsihed a 1991 - 1992
harry potter, 340 days of lego journal,
hogwarts lego making
scultpture experiment
it has worked out well for the first book, though , i think with the storylines and my way of interpreting it in lego form, has alot of more spaciality, rather than trying to make it focused and lights everywhere, i try to use natural sunlight
and now book 2
harry potter starts august 1, 2012.
20 years after the event
recreating lego scenes
for 2012
but i think i'll leave this account as garden and lego images and
put self portraits in my adamspong2012 account
and during the rainy weather,
-- i revert to overflowing images of indoor construction
with lego images
march 6 months
but actually i started this in january, but added 6 months worth of photos already

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... New Year's been cancelled over here due to the terrorism threat... :/
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